I am Max Keilbach

Backend,Backend,Unity,Web Developer

Name: Max Keilbach

Profile: Senior Software Developer

Email: max@ximga.com

Phone: +49 151 27064092

About me

Senior software developer with over 14 years of experience designing and developing backend systems, unity games and web applications.


C# (Unity, Asp.Net) 8 years
JavaScript (Node, Angular, React) 6 years
HTML/CSS 5 years
Scala (Akka, Play Framework) 3 years
PHP 5 years
Java (Android, Backend) 2 years


MongoDB 4 years
SQL (PostgresSQL, MSSQL, MySQL) 5 years
Apache Spark 1 year


Microsoft Azure 3 years
Docker, Kubernetes 2 years
Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Gradle 2 years
Scripting (Python, Shell) 2 years
AWS 1 year


Git, SVN, Perforce 10 years
Unity 5 years


Backend Development

Development of scalable and cloud driven backend systems

Unity Development

Development of games and visual applications with Unity

Web Development

Development of Single Page Applications with Angular or React